28 Mar 2019

A lovely photo of Roisin at the 7th annual Sir Tom Finney Community High School's Careers Education Information Advice & Guidance Fair! It is an open door event and finishes at 4pm.

Don't forget to say hello if you are there!

27 Mar 2019

Tomorrow afternoon, from 1-4pm, is the 7th annual 'Careers Education Information Advice & Guidance Fair', hosted by Sir Tom Finney Community High School in Preston. This is an open door event, so anyone is more than welcome to attend.

If you are planning on making your way there tomorrow, make sure you say hello to the lovely Roisin, who will be respresenting Solo, and answering any questions you may have about Personal Health Budgets, Direct Payments and Support Provision!

26 Mar 2019

Today our staff at Head Office joined people in countries all around the world to show solidarity and support for those who have epilepsy, by wearing purple.

Epilepsy is one of the most common neurological conditions in the world, with 50 million people having the condititon worldwide, equating roughly to 1 in every 100 people. In 50% of these cases the cause of epilepsy is unknown.

A seizure happens when there is a sudden, intense, burst of activity in the brain whch causes brain signals between cells to get mixed up. There are various differrent types of seizures, but they take their toll on the indvidual, and can be debilitating and distressing. Seizures can be triggered by many different things, such as; excitement, stress, flickering lights, missing meals, or lack of sleep just to name a few examples.

There are lots of organisations offering support for people living with epliepsy, or to hellp support their family members. If you would like to support these organisations, please see the links below:,uk

8 Mar 2019

Our 3rd Place Winner 💕

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Here at Solo Support Services we take pride in helping our clients and knowing we have been able to provide a better quality of life. It's great to hear how they feel about Solo, and how we may have been able to help them and their loved ones.