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Here at Solo Support Services, we take pride in helping our clients and knowing we have been able to provide a better quality of life. It's great to hear how you feel about Solo and how we may have been able to help you and your loved ones.

If you would like to share your story or an experience with us, then please do not hesitate to contact us.


Mr A. Turrell

Location: Nottinghamshire

"I did a PHD and became a Senior Lecturer after years in university, I then went on to work for the NHS specialising in Neurology, Neuro Surgery and Trauma which is where, ironically, I am now treated.

I now have a Third Party Arrangement, so that I don't have to worry about how to recruit staff, do payroll, as although I am well qualified, my illness has left me with cognitive problems such as poor memory and poor organisation skills.

Having a Personal Health Budget has changed my life in many ways. I don't have to go into residential care anymore and can visit the hospital a lot less. It means I can chose my own staff, and even have a carer in Wales, as I have a challet there and like to visit during the Spring and Summer. I can visit friends and family too, it adds 'life to years not years to life'. It helps me not to be defined by my illness."

- Been with Solo Support Services for 2 years

Ms K. McDaniel

Location: Nottinghamshire

"I am a full time carer for my sisters who both have Huntington's Disease. I share my life and my home with them, and I also care for our mother and my husband. We were initially attracted to having a Personal Health Budget to be able to employ our own staff with hours that fit our lives, and have the freedom to spend money on what is really best for my sisters.

Working with Solo is excellent, they do all the major paperwork and keep on track of everything, but still give us the freedom to "live". Without Solo I wouldn't have been able to to organise the required training for the care staff or have been able to arrange and complete paying them. One of the best decisions I ever made was taking a Personal Health Budget for my sisters and working with Solo!"

- Been with Solo Support Services for almost 3 years

Mr G. Hathaway

Location: Kidderminster

"On December 2nd 2013, my son James almost died from Aspiration Pneumonia. He was in hospital, after aspirating in his respite centre, for 10 days and it took nearly 4 months before we could say he was 'back to normal'. When speaking with James' clinical nurse one day, I just wondered if there was a way that I could stay at home and look after him so that he doesn't need respite anymore. After 13 months, I was glad to say that we had a Personal Health Budget in place, and James never went into respite again. By having a Personal Health Budget it has taken so much stress out of my life. Now if James is ill he can stay at home and will be well looked after. It also means that James can take time away from the day centre and enjoy days out with his family. This would never have been possible without the Personal Health Budget.

Although it was quite stressful as I had no idea what legalities were involved with a Personal Health Budget, Solo Support Services have taken all the stress out of the legal side of things which allowed me to get on with the things that were imoprtant to me, like looking after my son. Solo never make you feel foolish, even if you ask the silliest of questions. I chose to use Solo's third party option because they are skilled and have all the experience of paperwork, legalities and finances like paying staff and day care charges. Solo Support Services provided such valuable information on what you can do with your Personal Budget."

- Been with Solo Support Services since May 2015

"Mr A"

Location: Preston

"From birth we have dealt with several agencies to meet our daughter's growing health needs. Both I and my wife have had to reduce our working hours to ensure one of us is always available to meet any healthcare needs. We wanted to safeguard and manage our daughter's future, to take control and do what is best for her rather than being dictated to by agencies. If done properly, a Personal Health Budget can be truly person-centred. Solo have a "can-do culture" with being approachable and efficient and have made our lives easier."

- Been with Solo Support Services for 1 year 

 Our Personal Solo Support Services story

"In September 2007, I received an alarming call from my close stepmother, Nicola (founder of Solo Support Services) informing me of a horrific accident my dad had been involved in and instructing myself and my sister to meet her at the Intensive Care Unit as soon as possible. This was the day that changed our lives.

For us all to be told to prepare for the worst and say our last words, it was unbearable. Doctors shortly found a heartbeat and were able to declare my dad was still alive and had serious hyperthermia. After 10 long hours of hyperthermia recovery, we found out that his spinal chord had been shattered at C3/C4 and has left him completely paralysed from the neck down and that he was unable to breath alone or speak. This was such an awful time for my Stepmum Nicola, my 2 younger sisters and myself, and more importantly my poor dad who's independence had been taken from him. After a long recovery process of learning to breath and speak again, and having to come to terms with this new way of life, my stepmother was diagnosed with Breast Cancer during this time. Neither of them being able to be there for one another was such an awful time, but we all pulled it through and we coped with what was thrown at us, at least we all still had each other.

We received some very unhelpful "help" with regards to the care of my dad (Stephen Kirk) Nicola was inspired by this to fight for a Personal Health Budget to personalise my dads care, to get staff who he felt comfortable around and equipment which would help him to be independent and live his life to the fullist. It was then that Nicola created and started to build Solo Support Services, a company to help others just like ourselves make the most of their lives and keep their independence and 'normal' lives.

Our lives changed as we could now do things together again as a family; picnics in the park, family holidays to cornwall, meals out for birthdays. But unfortunately, in 2014 Nicola lost her battle with cancer and we all lost her from our lives, she fought so hard through her cancer for my dad and our family and we will forever be eternally grateful. She will always live on in our hearts and through Solo Support Services."

- Written by Stephen Kirk (Director) and daughter Gabriella

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Here at Solo Support Services we take pride in helping our clients and knowing we have been able to provide a better quality of life. It's great to hear how they feel about Solo, and how we may have been able to help them and their loved ones.